Recruiting Partner Companies


San-Apro welcomes new information and proposals regarding raw materials, containers and other materials, as well as on consignment manufacturers, equipment and instruments.

Item Desired Items Conditions and Other Concerns
Materials 1 There is nothing to view at this time.  
Containers 1 ① Various clean containers.
② Contractors for cleaning of containers.
① Actually used for electronic industry applications. (for powders/liquids)
② For control of metal contents in containers.
Consigned Manufacturers 1 We are seeking manufacturing consignees skilled with organic compounds who own fluororesin lining or coding reaction tanks. Temperatures:-5 to 60°C
Pressure:Normal Pressure
Drip Equipment/equipment
Capacity:3 KL or More
Equipment & Instruments 1 There is nothing to view at this time.
Other 1    
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